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The MONET Consortium is a consortium established by MONET Technologies Inc. (“MONET”) aimed at developing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Business by promoting collaboration between companies. It brings together over 650 companies from various industries including construction, manufacturing, ICT, energy, logistics, finance and vehicle leasing.

The aim of MONET is to explore and develop a Japan-wide platform for mobility services and data-analysis and to develop mobility services through the use of, amongst others, autonomous drive vehicles.

With its Miles Solution, capable of bridging the contracted vehicle use with driver-centric, value-added mobility and connected car services, Sofico is well placed to join the consortium.

Through continuous investment in product innovation, Miles has evolved into a hybrid platform, capable of managing all contracted vehicle usages: financing, leasing, renting as well as sharing.

This makes it the system of choice for major automotive finance and leasing businesses that need to innovate their product offering and provide their customers solutions such as hybrid leases, subscriptions, and multi-modal mobility.


As a member of the MONET Consortium, Sofico wants to contribute to the consortium’s goal of promoting MaaS in Japan.

Taro Yamazaki, Marketing Manager, Sofico Services Japan

Miles is ideally suited to an automotive environment where mobility is coming increasingly to the fore – a movement which has gathered further momentum since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taro Yamazaki, Marketing Manager of Sofico Services Japan commented: “The MONET Consortium is a great fit for us as we continue to enhance Miles’ capabilities to manage a greater range of mobility services for our clients in line with their changing business requirements.

“Customers are increasingly looking for the ability to offer managed mobility solutions as businesses, especially in major urban areas, investigate multi-modal mobility to compliment or replace the traditional company car.