Company type

Corporate multi-mobility provider

Product type

Miles Enterprise



Project date

  • Challenge

    KBC Autolease was determined to support the growing demand for corporate multi-mobility that extended beyond the traditional corporate car. They also needed a convenient, accessible and effective system to manage it all.

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  • Solution

    Miles Enterprise was already up and running at KBC Autolease. The platform provided the necessary building blocks to add new capabilities, enabling new business lines – such as bicycle leasing.

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  • Impact

    KBC Autolease has now over 60,000 cars and 30,000 bikes on the road. Miles Enterprise has continued to support the evolutions of the program and the changing landscape of mobility leasing, mobility packages and mobility budgets.

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A new approach to mobility

2018. The corporate mobility market was calling for change. The traditional approach focused on the lease of company cars. But traffic jams, the scarcity of parking and the clear need to embrace sustainability and lower environmental footprints meant corporate mobility managers were looking for different options. KBC Autolease was determined to respond, allowing their customers to set up corporate multi-mobility plans. The basic principle? Allowing the company’s employees to allocate a mobility budget across a car and a bike. With (electric) bicycles becoming increasingly attractive for commuting, and salary sacrifice adding to the incentives, the idea of combining a (smaller) car with a bicycle had become more and more popular. But there was uncertainty about how to manage all the different business lines, contract types and records…


We involve each other from the idea phase onwards, so that we can co-create product solutions as time and cost efficiently as possible. We fortify our bond through challenges and resolution. On to the next 20 years!

Tom Vlaminck, Director Business and Product Development

'MoveSmart' as new tailored platform for customers

KBC Autolease turned to Sofico. The two companies had already been partners for over a decade during which time KBC Autolease had discovered the many benefits of Miles Enterprise. In fact, KBC Autolease had already offered bicycle leasing since 2016, relying on Sofico’s platform for back-office quotes and contract management. The modular nature of Miles Enterprise meant it would be possible to add the extra services KBC Autolease was looking for. And to take on the entire journey for customers online. Using Miles Enterprise’s architecture, KBC Autolease released ‘MoveSmart’. This online tool allows customers to self-serve in the context of their corporate mobility plans. It makes it easy to obtain quotes for a lease car or a bicycle. It does all this and more in the house style used by KBC Autolease. Quite the tailored solution.


Facilitating corporate multi-mobility

KBC Autolease plays a pivotal role in facilitating corporate multi-mobility plans in Belgium, managing more than 60,000 car-lease contracts and putting over 30,000 lease bikes on the road. Their online platform MoveSmart manages every aspect of these plans such as requests for quotes, while making it possible to sign up for different options and exercise genuine control over the expanded range of mobility options. KBC Autolease is continuing to collaborate with Sofico to expand the possibilities. Next up? Further development of the self-serve capabilities to cover the entire contract cycle. For instance, to allow mobility users to take over their bike at the end of the lease period with just a couple of clicks.

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