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Our Product Vision & Strategy

Enabling digital customer journeys

Digital touchpoints and self-service tools are essential to deliver an intuitive customer journey that fluidly connects online and offline experiences. With omnichannel, always-on services such as web portals, mobile apps and social integration alongside extensive API interoperability, you empower your customers to make better choices at every touchpoint.

Products that support all business lines and markets

Incorporating 35+ years of experience, Sofico’s products hold a solid foundation to deliver on core business goals in automotive finance, leasing, fleet or mobility management. With technology and industries evolving at a rapid pace and with product boundaries becoming more blurred, our suite of solutions provides effective answers to your needs of operating in a hybrid business model.

Cloud-native technology

Make your business agile, adaptive and proactive to your customers’ needs by making use of a cloud-native architecture that is flexible, scalable and always available. Catering to evolving needs, scaling with your business and providing effective, digital customer touchpoints are central for success.

Business diversity and flexibility

Enjoy unrivaled flexibility to reflect your own, unique approach and support your business processes.
You’re the architect of your success thanks to straightforward configuration, and vast integration and extension options that empower you to manage complete contract cycles from a single platform.

Our Methodology

Driving continuous optimization


From the outset, a close collaboration defines this joint project. The partnership is driven by careful planning, a thorough understanding of your processes and mapping of the available tech stack to identify critical needs and goals for success. Jointly, we lay a foundation for building momentum and hitting business goals.


By clearly defining project requirements, scope and outline you’ll know exactly what to expect. Understanding each other’s needs and capabilities is key, hence why we work through the process of outlining and identifying goals and steps together.


A controlled but flexible approach is key to any implementation. This enables adaption to evolving requirements and even closer bonds within this one-team approach. Focusing on single modules and a short cycle approach ensures efficiency and improves uptake during the initial process.


By fulfilling continuous testing across project lifespans and following each implementation, a joint effort outlines the commitment to your project’s success. You benefit from testing per delivery cycle, which supports the efficient roll-out of services in line with defined roadmaps.


The power is in your hands through detailed training that empowers your team to give in-house support. You’ll also have an assigned Sofico team that knows and understands your business. With dedicated services, you’ll always experience clear, open communication and fast, responsive solutions from technical support to day-to-day maintenance.

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