Miles Functional Training

Are you working with or around Miles Enterprise? Do you need a more general understanding of our solutions? Then register to follow the Miles Functional Training (MFT). During this training you will focus on the main functional procedures in Miles with both theory and hands-on exercises.  

After the training, you will be able to complete an entire functional flow. 

Miles Configuration Training

Are you working directly in Miles Enterprise? Have you already followed the Miles Functional Training and now need a more hands-on approach? Do you need to learn how to set up workflows and have a detailed view of operations? Then the Miles Configuration Training (MCT) is the one for you! 

After the training, you will be able to configure from scratch and/or adapt a Miles environment. 

Why get Sofico certified?

The Sofico certification badges showcase your expertise and skill set, empowering you to make the most of Miles’ features in your day-to-day work. After following the Miles Functional Training, you can take a certification exam. This exam will cover your operational knowledge of Miles’ key concepts as well as functional modules.  

After following the Miles Configuration Training, you can take the Miles Practitioner certification. This will cover the Miles core configuration modules and you will be asked to set up or adapt existing configuration objects, and more! 

The above certifications need to be combined with release badges. These follow the Miles release cycle, so make sure you stay up to date, and keep completing the release update courses! 

Note: certification is an optional paid service and must be approved beforehand.

Specialized topics

Have you already completed the MFT and passed your certification? Are you now looking to sharpen your knowledge even more? Then request training on any specialized topic via a ServiceDesk ticket! We’ll be in touch about your request.

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Benefit from Miles training and reach out to one of our experts for an in-depth discussion about your requirements and specific needs.