Why work with certified partners?

  • Better access to services

    Easily connect with a trusted partner for Miles Enterprise implementation and post-implementation support.

  • Experienced experts

    Leverage the market knowledge and product expertise of partners to make Miles Enterprise sit at the heart of your operations.

  • Cutting-edge knowledge

    Training, certifications, and support make sure you can always count on partners with the latest expertise and skills.

What type of implementation partner is right for you?

You can rely on three types of partners to assist you during implementation and beyond. Call them for activities as business analysis, requirement specifications, implementation or testing efforts.

Customer Integration Partners

Do you need help with or around Miles Enterprise but not in Miles Enterprise? These partners can help you with services such as:

  • Project management
  • Test management 
  • First line support
  • Business process modeling 
  • Business analysis

Miles Delivery Partners

Are you looking to implement or optimize your Miles Enterprise? These partners offer Miles Delivery Services including:

  • Implementation consultancy
  • Document and reports consultancy 
  • Second line support  
  • Delivery testing 
  • End-user training and development

Miles Integrators

In need of a single point of contact that stands with you even beyond implementation? Integrators can be responsible for both implementation and production support of Miles Enterprise.

Our implementation partners:

Sofico Academy Certifications

The certification program for partner resources is based on three pillars. The theoretical trainings mentioned below are followed by two tests per training, which will result in a certification after successful completion.

  • The Miles Functional Training prepares Customer Integration Partners. The Foundation Certification they receive proves a general functional understanding of Miles back office capabilities. 
  • The Miles Core Configuration Training enables Miles Delivery Partners to work in the platform and awards them with a Practitioner Certification.
  • Partners regularly attend Release Update Sessions. Attendants receive release badges to prove they are actively renewing their general knowledge of Miles capabilities.

Note: The certification of a partner is – amongst other parameters – defined based on the number and level of certification of its employees. Please be aware that this program only represents theoretical training and certification. We recognize that practical experience is also vital to the successful handling of Miles Delivery Services.

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