Access wide ranging customer win rates with your sales team

Empower your sales teams with a comprehensive overview of customer win rates. Leverage unique data insights from both the customer and the catalog vehicle to guide different sales team engaging with the same customer.

Stay in the lead thanks to unique real-time data insights

Effortlessly access all essential real-time data through a user-friendly in-app dashboard, powered by a seamless data feedback loop.This capability empowers you to confidently steer sales conversations, even in volatile market conditions. 

Boost your customer experience with AI-driven catalogs

Add a personalized touch to your offerings. Proactively suggest alternative vehicles, and craft their additional quotes based on AI recommendations. 

Website Services

Plug and play into the MMP platform

As your business grows and evolves, so does Miles Insights.  This cloud-based solution leverages the power of the Miles Microservices Platform, setting you up for future-proof in-house development, additional modules or third-party integrations.  

Pricing model

Benefit from a subscription-based pricing and add Miles Insights to your ongoing enterprise environment. Miles Insights cannot be purchased separately. The subscription consists of a monthly fee, variable to the contract transaction volume.