Meet Sofico

For over 35 years, the world’s leading automotive finance, leasing, fleet, and mobility management companies use Sofico’s industry applications to adapt and scale to their customers’ evolving mobility needs.  

Join more than 500 colleagues spread over 10 offices, and find yourself at the heart of a software business that is accelerating at full speed.  Starting out as a Belgian start-up, Sofico now is a founder-owned international company, serving customers in over 30 countries.  

Together, we set your career in motion. Grab the opportunity and be your best self at Sofico.  

Meet Miles Enterprise

Miles Enterprise is a cloud-based asset lifecycle management software which forms the beating heart of our customers’ daily operations. 

We need people that, like Miles:    

  • Understand business and financial processes 
  • Turn data into valuable insights 
  • Love to innovate in line with customers’ needs.  

Meet our market

A mobility shift is on the rise. People want always-on self-service options and expect flexible car subscriptions and on-demand access to vehicles. Also, the way consumer shop for cars is transitioning. Virtual showrooms and online purchases are a new reality.   

This leads to changing business conditions for the automotive industry. Sofico’s expertise and latest technology help to transform these new opportunities into innovative product concepts, streamlined business processes, and engaging customer journeys.