Discover our coaches

As you set out and grow within Sofico, you get support from a multitude of coaches:    

  • A job coach guides you during the first 6 months  
  • A learning coach guides you through your training program for the first 6 months
  • A career coach helps you in reaching your future professional goals
  • Finally, team coaches and unit coaches support and manage the teams on different levels

Join our communities

Connection matters. Share questions, advice and feedback on key topics in the Sofico communities. Engage with experienced colleagues, creative thinkers and curious minds to challenge ideas and strengthen your expertise and skills. Feel supported and empowered, as you become part of a Sofico community. 

Enjoy our horizontal culture  

A horizontal culture helps to move people forward. Thanks to the support of coaches and communities, you have easy access to information, feedback and advice. Enjoy the space to be both yourself and be part of the Sofico culture.  

Easily exchange feedback

Feedback is appreciated and warmly welcomed at Sofico where people are encouraged to explore, grow and succeed in a supportive environment. Experience how simple an exchange of feedback can be thanks to easy and constructive communication flows between teams and colleagues. 

Apply today

Explore our current job openings and apply today! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our HR team.