Miles Insights

Take a customer-centric approach to quoting and optimize your sales conversion. Miles Insights brings you real-time data, advanced predictive insights, and an AI-driven list of recommended alternative vehicles. Adopt this in-app module to navigate price quotes to move forward in a decisive way.

Miles eDocs

Efficiently and securely share digital forms and documents with external and internal parties using Miles eDocs. Enable e-signatures to boost your approval process and take your customer and supplier relationships to the next level.

Miles Salary Sacrifice

Turn quoting complexity into sales efficiency by giving your customers direct access to salary sacrifice calculations. The UK-tailored addition to the Miles Enterprise platform significantly reduces your expenses by streamlining salary sacrifice calculation services.

Miles Dealer Point of Sales (POS)

Enhance the sales experience and process in your local dealerships with a dedicated and customizable approach. Easily create and compare quotes, process credit applications and manage contracts in Miles Dealer POS. Empower your dealers even more by including Miles Price Calculation Service and Miles Promotions.

Miles Price Calculation Service (PCS)

Allow your customers to simply explore different configuration and pricing options. Integrate Miles PCS with the Miles Dealer Point of Sales, your customer portal, online showroom, or price simulations and avoid unnecessary intervention of your active pricing database. With Miles PCS, you increase efficiency, power price generation and drive customer interaction.

Miles Promotions

Set up and manage targeted interest subsidies, vehicle and equipment discounts or promotional service pricing following an intuitive step-by-step process. Next, have these integrated automatically in dealer quotes or in direct sales offerings. Combine with Miles PCS to include your promotional pricing in online portals with high available and scalable price calculation needs.

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Miles Fleet Portal & Driver Portal

Equip your corporate fleet customers to manage their fleet and users, oversee mobility and budget plans, define car policies and handle the quote approval process in the Miles Fleet Portal.

The Driver Portal, in turn, helps employees and mobility users to find the right vehicle, based on their allocated budget and car policy rules.

Combined in a fully integrated digital communication platform, these portals are available anywhere and anytime to fleet managers and employees.

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