Enhanced interaction and streamlined workflows

Improve communication and collaboration among your teams, partners and customers with Miles eDocs:

  • Customize workflows for each document template
  • Enable hands-free data completion
  • Automatically generate and assign tickets per template

The results? Fast and accurate information capture and reliable data.

Unparalleled security and compliance

Safeguard your sensitive information with predefined access rights and a secure cloud environment. Verified signatures guarantee document integrity within a secure environment.

Limitless storage and flexibility

Gain access to limitless document interactions, providing the flexibility to effortlessly scale your document management needs. As your organization grows, you can easily onboard new teams and platforms, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Pricing model

Miles eDocs is a Sofico-hosted and managed SaaS solution, connected to your Miles environment via API. The subscription consists of a yearly fee variable to the completed transaction volume, ensuring fairness in pricing.