Sofico worker interview

How to apply?

So, you want to work for Sofico? Great! We love your enthusiasm. What’s next?   

  1. Send us your resume and cover letter. You will get a reply from one of our recruiters.
  2. Next, you are invited for a first introductory interview with an HR representative and someone from your field of expertise.  
  3. In between the interview you will have to complete an online test.  
  4. A second interview takes place with a unit coach, who is the country representative, and the practice lead in the field of your expertise.  
  5. In the final stage, an interview is planned with a Managing Director. 

Throughout every stage, we keep timings short and feedback available.  

Happy to hear from you soon! Curious? Check out our jobs.   

Sofico workers

Get on board

During the first days, a learning coach supports you in selecting essential training sessions that are in line with your profile. You’ll also be set up with a designated job coach who will be your go-to person during the first 6 months to help you settle in.  You get access to introductory sessions in leasing and fleet management, a functional training about Miles and role-specific workshops so you feel right at home in the industry and the company.  

Sofico worker

Explore your role

Feeling comfortable in your new role? Then it’s time to outline your personal development plan. Dive into specific topics, acquire new skills or deepen your market knowledge. Keep a wide perspective to grow into a generalist. Or work towards becoming a matter expert. Advance towards leadership roles or explore job rotations. It’s a personal plan, so you pick what suits you best.   

Sofico team spirit

Find your spot in the team

Experiencing a good team spirit is crucial at Sofico. Strengthen your communication and coaching skills or learn about giving and receiving feedback via our training sessions in soft skills.  

You and your team can enjoy a workshop in team effectiveness, where the whole team learns about how to work together while also creating mutual understanding for each other’s personal approaches.   

Teams are cross-functional. Everybody can jump in to share expertise from the start or to give a fresh take on a question or project throughout its different phases.

sofico hr team

Apply today

Explore our current job openings and apply today! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our HR team.