Scalability & adaptability

Scale your processes without limits

Cloud-based solutions are more scalable and adaptable than their on-prem counterparts.

By ensuring your interoperability and extensibility are up to speed, you create a solid foundation to innovate at your pace without friction.

  • Scalability: agile and adaptive cloud environments grow according to your needs.
  • Interoperability: API-centric integrations and orchestration capabilities improve connectivity.
  • Cost-efficiency: reduce time-consuming, costly (external) development for custom processes.
Step-by-step guide

Starting your cloud journey?

Still wondering how you can effortlessly transition your business to an adaptable cloud environment? Grab your step-by-step cloud migration guide with practical templates to establish a robust foundation for innovation.

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User experience

Enjoy an improved all-round user experience

You enjoy all the benefits, such as flexibility, automation, and self-healing capabilities, without concerns about maintenance, scalability, and finding the right staff and resources to do so.

  • Reliant: containerized cloud services ensure applications are always up and running.
  • Efficient: software updates and releases can be made with near-zero downtime.
  • Care-free: you focus on customer-facing actions, while Sofico handles maintenance.

Reap the benefits of secure hosting

Enjoy reliable, always-on cloud hosting. We use Azure Kubernetes Services and state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures with multiple layers of cloud protection to prevent unauthorized access to your data and infrastructure.

  • No multi-tenancy: we use a separation on subscription level model. Every customer has their own environment of private subnets, making data contamination between environments impossible.
  • Data is only reachable if VPN tunnels allow connection to private endpoints.
  • Cloudflare provides an additional layer of firewall protection between private cloud data and external access points.

We’re ISO 27001 compliant, GDPR compliant and always ready to adhere to local legislation. Everything is in place to facilitate your compliance too.


Design your path to cloud success

Discover our comprehensive approach to cloud adoption. We offer a seamless journey with guaranteed business continuity so you can reap the benefits of a scalable cloud environment without downtime.

Data protection

Stay in control of your data

Even though Sofico hosts your cloud environment, you run no data sovereignty risks. Because of the private subnets, you retain complete data ownership. And thanks to Azure’s data centers in 60+ regions worldwide — including the UK — your entire environment remains within your region to ensure compliance with local data privacy legislation.

On top of that, our GDPR officer oversees operations to ensure all processes adhere to stringent data protection standards. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your data is secure and handled in full compliance with local and international regulations.

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