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Automotive financing

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Miles Enterprise



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  • Challenge

    Mobilize Financial Services was dealing with two challenges: upgrading its outdated contract management systems to a globally deployable solution, while also accommodating local nuances.

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  • Solution

    Miles Enterprise allowed Mobilize to foster global adaptability through strategic partnerships and an efficient ‘local to global’ rollout framework.

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  • Impact

    Mobilize streamlined its processes and reduced support and maintenance demands. The chosen approach ensures higher performance and increased adaptability for upcoming rollouts.

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Modernizing contract management

To transition from older and scattered contract management systems to a cutting-edge, globally deployable solution. A solution that, at the same time, accommodates the nuances of a local blueprint. That was the complex challenge Mobilize Financial Services was facing. Like many outdated systems, theirs had increasingly exhibited shortcomings over time. In today’s rapidly evolving world, a swift and comprehensive transformation was not just desired – it was required.  

The challenge was twofold. Mobilize Financial Services needed to adopt advanced technology and reshape practices to meet current client and partner demands. This also extended to ensuring adaptability in the face of future demands. Achieving this would strongly position them in the evolving landscape of providers of mobility services. 


With Miles Enterprise, the road ahead is much clearer, through its broad configurability and a cohesive approach that perfectly matches our global expansion strategy.

Karim Tsouli - IT Director Mobilize Financial Services

'Local to global' approach

The solution for Mobilize Financial Services is to completely redesign its application landscape adopting Sofico’s Miles Enterprise as a central piece of it. Flexibility and configuration are key to this standardized platform built upon industry best practices, responding to Mobilize Financial Services’ need for regional differences and adaptations. This approach was first piloted in its second-largest market, Germany. 

To reap the benefits of the innovative Miles Enterprise platform, Mobilize Financial Services fosters a close partnership between their project group, several key providers and Sofico. This collaboration is instrumental in precisely aligning their specific requirements with the new system’s capabilities. 

Mobilize and Sofico have initiated a highly efficient international rollout framework, rooted in a ‘local to global’ approach. Leveraging a hybrid strategy, Mobilize Financial Services has begun enhancing the global blueprint, drawing insights from the first successful implementation in Germany. The establishment of a Centre of Excellence has been pivotal in this phase. This will accelerate the implementation process and should ensure rapid deployment across multiple countries. 


Global synergy with reduced support and maintenance demands

The integration ushered in a transformative era for Mobilize Financial Services. By reevaluating the pursuit of perfect localization, they streamline processes, reducing support and maintenance demands. 

Strategically clustering countries for rollout generates remarkable synergy, fostering collaboration among aligned nations. This approach amplifies the influence of the global blueprint for upcoming rollouts. 

This agile approach ensures sustained high performance and adaptability during implementation and post-go live, solidifying Mobilize’s position as an industry innovator. 

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