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Keeping customers happy

Wim Knuts, Product Manager at Sofico, was a panelist for the breakout session ‘Keeping Customers Happy’. Participants discussed the current digital transformation of the sector. They agreed on the importance of continuing the easing of both system user’s and the driver’s experience of conducting business. A conundrum of the current digitalization is the loss of some human interaction in favor of improved efficiency. Despite ongoing challenges, automation, seamless integration and simple-to-use touchpoints are some of the key ‘wins’ available.

Understanding younger drivers' digital habits

The panelists also highlighted the habits of the younger demographic. These drivers are more accepting of technology to transact business, such as receiving and actioning notifications, or sharing information (e.g. identity documents) electronically. Individual panel members were illustrative of some of the smart functionalities currently in the landscape, which are designed to ease and bring a smarter customer journey (e.g. vehicle delivery or return). 

Sofico’s Miles Enterprise brings this together into one complete seamless journey for automotive and finance companies. Although the make-up of the technology is not always important to the driver, the architecture should enable these companies to adopt new integrations easily and more efficiently, making them future-ready.  

The road to 2024

There is a great degree of optimism for 2024 with continued growth forecast in the vehicle leasing and rental sector. Residual values of BEVs are projected to stabilize. Finally, continued technical innovation is set to improve our customers journey and satisfaction. 

Streamlining salary sacrifice for UK customers

Throughout the conference, a recurring theme was salary sacrifice, which is a key facilitator behind the driver’s transition to BEVs. With salary sacrifice, the driver’s fiscal savings offset a large proportion of the premium currently charged for electric cars.  

The UK-tailored addition to the Miles Enterprise platform significantly reduces your customer expenses by streamlining salary sacrifice calculation services. 

Want to learn more about Miles Salary Sacrifice? Request our one-pager here.