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GHENT/DALLAS – April 13, 2023 – Sofico is opening its first office in the United States, in the Dallas, TX area. The launch of the office is a direct result of the innovative software company for automotive finance and mobility services entering the U.S. market. Thanks to a smart combination of a strong local presence, global know-how and cutting-edge technology, Sofico is ready to continue its global success story and explore an exciting new market with numerous growth opportunities.

Dallas, TX

With the official opening of a Sofico office in Dallas, the industry-leading software developer for automotive finance and mobility services wants to expand its products and services to a wider territory and further enhance its presence in the North American market.

Growing expertise of the U.S. market

The Dallas office is the starting point of Sofico’s plan to gain market share in the U.S. With a first customer based in the country already, Sofico aims to explore a vast range of business opportunities in the automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility industry in North America. With a growing demand for always-on self-service, personalized online customer journeys, flexible car subscriptions and on-demand access to vehicles, Sofico firmly positions itself as a software company that offers sophisticated, yet agile and easy-to-use systems ready to meet the challenges of today’s and future automotive finance and mobility services.

Support from an international team with local talents

The team in Dallas consists of local talents from within the area and experienced Sofico team members who relocated from various countries. Thanks to the support of this international team, Sofico customers in North America can expect a combined local and global expertise that matches and evolves with the specific needs of their business. “Following our corporate customers’ approach, our goal has always been to be where our customers are – which is why we already have offices in Belgium, UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Japan” explains Sofico Chief Executive Officer, Gémar Hompes: “With our new office in Dallas, we want to firmly establish ourselves as an active and global player in the software business of automotive finance and mobility services. With this strategic move, we aim to fully unlock new business opportunities that meet the specific requirements of our North American clients.”

Adapting the market-leading Miles Enterprise platform for the North American market

To ensure a smooth fit with the new market requirements, Sofico is adapting its highly flexible and mission-critical platform, Miles Enterprise. The high-level configurability of the cloud-native platform allows the industry-leading software company for automotive finance and mobility services to implement a solid and well-researched adaptation of its platform to the current needs of the North American market.

These adaptations include, for instance, smart integrations with market reference vendors and service providers, as well as specific functionalities, such as Sales Tax, a unique feature in the United States.

“Starting out as a Belgian start-up, we are proud to cross this new frontier. By enhancing our presence in the North American market, we want to expand our footprint and explore new growth opportunities. Thanks to the adaptability of Miles, our in-depth industry knowledge and successful implementation methodology, with the support of an experienced international team, we are confident we can offer our North American clients cutting-edge software solutions that are designed to evolve and respond to the rapidly changing needs of the automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility sector,” concludes Hompes.